Your Facebook Account May Have Been Hacked!

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October 17th, 2018
Facebook now reports over 30 Million accounts hacked.

     In 2017, when Facebook first reported the flaw in their source code that allowed malicious hackers to steal access tokens for people’s accounts the estimated number was no where near what it is today.
Now over a year later, Facebook’s estimation of compromised accounts is estimated to be 30 million users.
Why do hackers attack platforms like Facebook?
Because of the tremendous amounts of rich personal data your account contains…

Do you trust Facebook with your data?  Nearly 2 billion people around the world do…

Things like your:  location, relationship status, significant other’s name, your likes and dislikes, phone number, and email address make it very easy for a hacker to turn a phishing attack into a alluring personalized message so you will give them things like your bank account information because they are able to gain your trust!
Your data is important and poses a significant risk if it falls into the wrong hands.  Take precautions where you can and limit what you put onto the public internet for others to see.
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