What’s Wrong With Your Email?

Improving Patient Outcomes through Technology
July 31st, 2018
As the need to share secure patient info outside of the EHR grows, so do the risks associated with sharing and storing that data.
How secure are your communications?
Communicating securely is definitely a necessity today if your are a health care organization.  The fact that more than 30% of Healthcare Organizations are currently not utilizing secure modalities to communicate and send files internally and to external care organizations alike correlates directly to Health Care being the #1 target for cyber-attacks.
Ever see something resembling this email?
An image of a real phishing attack to a large ACO “Public” email.
Currently most organizations that are using secure email or text only use ones with a Secure Messaging feature, but there is so much more to use and look for in these platforms for basically the same price. 
Take a look at a list below to keep in mind when looking for a secure communications platform.

A robust communication platform like EverShield’s EverComm should include:

   +  Encryption from end to end.  
   +  VPN. 
   +  Secure Texting.
   +  Secure Voice Calls.
   +  Secure Email.
   +  Control of your data and where it is stored if it is stored.
   +  Ability to approve those in your network. to avoid spam and phishing.
   +  Secure file sharing and cloud storage.
   +  Secure Gateway connection to remote applications through your secure app.
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