How to Improve the Wellbeing of Your Medical Practice

HIPPA Compliance HardwareHealthcare providers are always looking to increase their productivity and overall system sustainability. They are so focused on taking care of their patients that sometimes the IT management of their healthcare facility is neglected.

Every day, there are numerous security breaches coming to the limelight in news. Hacking, breach of private patient data, loss of data backups and so on. According to a report from Bitglass, there were as many as 16.6 million healthcare data breaches in 2016 alone. With the average cost of a data breach in the US being $221 per lost record according to Ponemon Institute, healthcare organizations stand to lose a significant chunk of their hard earned money every year.

What’s the solution? Implementing and managing proper IT security controls including offsite daily data backups for all clinics and hospitals.

If you are a healthcare provider or a manager at a facility that has faced this situation in the past or are currently going through it, Evershield is your answer.

EverShield is a remote IT service for doctors, clinics and hospitals that delivers a complete IT management strategy. From protecting your ePHI to achieving HIPAA required patient data availability and improving security across your practice, Evershield is a comprehensive safeguard for your practice that is tailor made to boost your productivity while minimizing risk.

What does Evershield do?

Evershield does three things for healthcare professionals and facilities.

• Provides IT and internet security for the office or hospital with its HIPAA compliant managed firewall, virus and WI-FI protection.

• EverShield provides data backups to our cloud based(data center to create redundancy for patient data since it is a violation of HIPAA to have unsecured ephi (electronic protected health information or patient data) on the facility’s local computers.

• It provides encrypted onsite managed backups for workstations and servers.

• Remote support desk for computers, applications and monitoring so they are always in working order and thus improving overall productivity.

• Keeps the practices’ workstations fully optimized with regular software patches and updates.

• Constant oversight with 24×7 performance monitoring as well as monthly IT health report so the healthcare providers can get a bird’s eye view regularly without having to micromanage anything.


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