Michigan Practice Forced to Shutdown Due to Ransomware… Learn How To Recover From Any Disaster

Did you hear about the practice in Michigan forced to close down forever due to a ransomware attack?
It just happened in April…
The attackers left them frozen while demanding $6,500 in order to unlock their data. 
Ultimately, the practice decided the cost wasn’t worth paying and closed down for good.  
See, there’s no promise the hackers or terrorists as we call them will ever release your data once the ransom is paid.  
And given that 93% of companies who suffer from a ransomware attack are forced to shutdown anyway this practice might’ve figured it just wasn’t worth it.
Incredibly, this situation could have been avoided completely with a disaster recovery plan and service in place and ready to go. 
But sadly, they did not have either.
The Most Devestating Ransomware Attack ever did the most damage to health care organizations.
They’re not alone here…
New and more severe breaches are being reported daily.  
And according to CNN News the average cost of these breaches is over $100,000.
You may be asking what’s the best way to protect our organization? 
Since backups alone won’t suffice and 75% of organizations do not have a plan on how to recover from a disaster…
A disaster recovery plan is the #1 way to survive an attack.
3 things a disaster recovery plan should include:
1. A list of all essential servers or workstations
2. A Priority list detailing time frames to restore the most important ones
3. Failover location
With the right plan you’ll be able to bounce back from any emergency situation…
Sound confusing?
Trust me, we understand…
That’s why we’re giving away the secrets of The New Standards of Disaster Recovery to our network of hospitals, specialty practices and ACO’s.
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P.S. Complying with CMS and HIPAA can be easy when you have a little bit of knowledge and the right partner.

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