Office 365 Not Providing Backups


Do you use Office 365 for your email?
You don’t know it yet but you’re now experiencing a phishing cyber-attack and the perpetrator has gotten access to your email account. 
You must’ve clicked on a familiar looking link in an email…
Now, the attacker will use your permission (you gave this to him when you clicked on his malicious link) to access and reset passwords on your account. 
He may even delete his original email to cover his tracks..
The attacker now has access to your entire address book, One Drive files, and your entire email account to do with as he likes.
He can now hold all your emails and files hostage and request that you pay ransom for your files to be released, if not they will be destroyed.  This is called Ransomware and it’s no fun.
To avoid these situations backing up office 365 with a Disaster Recovery service is critical.
Importantly, all 365 files are 100% vulnerable to permanent deletion because Office 365 does not have any other backups. 
Without additional backups everything can be lost and your business can incur significant downtime.
And because the average cost of a ransomware attack is now over $130,000 people are doing their research on the most effective solutions.
And given that 93% of companies who suffer from a ransomware attack are forced to shutdown making the right decision is critical to your organizations survival.
But how do you get started?
It may seem obvious but the best way to get started is by consulting with an expert to understand your current IT vulnerabilities.
Now, you may be thinking that sounds expensive or maybe even this information is not accurate, after all Office 365 says it provides backups…
This is from MicroSoft’s website,
MicroSoft 365 Retention Policy Excludes:
     – When users have permanently deleted their Office 365 file by mistake and then, closed that application.
     – A dissatisfied employee intentionally destroyed some information that was helpful for an organization.
     – Someone who gains unauthorized access to business data or deletes files.
Fortunately, there is a simple way to ensure 100% availability of your 365 account and ensure your files are stored safely and are easily retrievable under any condition.
It’s called disaster recovery as a service.
To help organizations better understand their vulnerabilities when it comes to email and backups we’re now giving away a free gaps in service consultation to help care organizations understand the vulnerabilities they thought they had covered. 
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P.S. Complying with CMS and HIPAA can be easy when you have a little bit of knowledge and the right partner.

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