Is UTM for Your Care Organization?


Improving Patient Outcomes through Technology
November 6th, 2018

Did you know HIPAA Violations can destroy otherwise productive and helpful care organizations?  The largest HIPAA fine to date was recently dealt to Anthem in the amount of $16 million dollars!

         In the ever changing world of Information Technology how can one be sure their care organization is protected? 
Threats come in all shapes and sizes. From accidentally faxing medical documents to the wrong number to walking away from you PC without logging out, both are potential HIPAA violations. 
With so many ways for things to go wrong, how does one ensure a safe secure work environment, let alone a secure environment for sharing and storing patient data?
One way is training…
All employees should at least be aware of HIPAA before hiring, and once they are hired, they should be trained to know what constitutes a violation or not. 
If you are working on paper charts and a single chart gets left out, or lost, that is a huge violation. 
Fortunately, there are some training classes you can enroll in online to help mitigate the potential damage from something drastic happening. 
Stay tuned for Asgard’s upcoming HIPAA training course!!
Although internal breakdowns of security policy are the point of most violations there is the also the chance of a malicious party attempting to break into your network.
Are your employees trained in HIPAA compliance?  Are you at risk?
For dealing with those bad actors attempting to break into your network we strongly recommend a high-end firewall or Unified Threat Manager (UTM). 
A firewall is essentially putting a lock on the doorway to your network.  Without one, ANYONE can tap into your network and attempt to steal or ransom your data, which for healthcare organizations, equates to lost productivity, destroyed files, and a fine for each file compromised.  Damages add up very fast. 
If you would like more information about either a stronger firewall or where you can train your employees on HIPAA just ask and we can help!
Learn how to protect your on line data transmissions with our quick video…

Is your Care Organization operating as a secure ecosystem with its care partners like ER’s and specialists?

Take precautions where you can and limit the medical records you put onto the public internet including text messages.
Ask us today about how we can help bolster your own IT department!
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