Health Care – Highest per Capita Hack $


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July 24th, 2018
Health care yields the highest per capita dollar amount per hack of any industry…
Any surprise Health care is the most targeted by hackers?
Roughly 45% of ALL ransomware attacks are targeted at health care due to weak defenses and high value targets.  
Ransomware is a tricky situation, when your files get locked away behind a pay wall you cannot access your files until you pay the ransom. The trick is that even if you do pay, sometimes you do not get access back to your files. The average healthcare ransomware attack is up to $5 million dollars! Most organizations cannot afford even part of that as a sudden expense. The best way to protect yourself is to have a firewall with intrusion detection.
Approximately 70% of organizations don’t believe their antivirus alone can stop threats, so why do they not employ an enterprise level firewall? This is due to how viruses have evolved over time; a typical file scan detection is no longer the best way to find a virus. 
Per Capita $$’s / Hack – Data by Ponemon Institute
Over 80% of organizations are committed to increasing their IT security budget in 2019 while focusing on training employees to understand how to be safer on the internet and how to protect themselves from threats on a day to day basis. 
Be familiar with Ransomware or,
Work with a partner that is.  Specific and practical working knowledge of  the HIPAA Rules in conjunction with a prepared plan to protect your organization is key to maintaining a healthy business.

A robust security platform like EverShield should include:

   • Provides secure remote access to critical applications on a secure private network.
   •A BAA (Business Associate Agreement).
   • Multiple secure communications modalities within one app to avoid user errors.
   • Data not stored or cached in third party data centers without a BAA in place.
   • Encryption for data in transit and data at rest.
   • Ability to meet state by state HIPAA data retention requirements.
These are just a few of the requirements to comply with HIPAA Rules.
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