Hardware Failure #1 Cause of Enterprise Downtime

Did you know that hardware failure is one of the largest contributors of data loss for companies of all sizes.
And that 3% of BRAND NEW computer systems arrive DOA (dead on arrival) to customers?
That’s 3%…
With that in mind, what is the life expectancy for a new system?  
Well, it all depends on how lucky you are.  About 5-10% of systems don’t make it past their first year of usage, while shockingly 40% of systems don’t make it past their second year of usage due to hardware failure.
You may be thinking how is this possible? 
Well, you have to factor in that computer systems are made up of many different parts and when something goes wrong in a single part it could lead to catastrophic failure to the rest of the system.  
Another factor is the environment, is it humid, dusty windy, or sandy, these can all lead to lower life expectancy for hardware.
And given that 45% of downtime is attributed to hardware failure can you afford to risk not backing up your data to a safe place like the cloud to help avoid potential dangers?  
Having your data safely backed up in the Cloud ready to be restored at a moments notice provides major comfort during the inevitable storm.
Disaster Recovery is not just a tool that enables backups for your business, it is a NECESSITY as it allows your enterprise to keep functioning after a business ending disaster like hardware failure or a malware attack.
But how do you get started?
It may seem obvious but the best way to get started is by consulting with an expert to understand your current IT vulnerabilities and how your organizations needs align with the right disaster recovery service.
It’s called disaster recovery as a service.
To help organizations better understand their vulnerabilities when it comes to backups and the ability to recover from any disaster we’re now giving away a free gaps in service consultation to help care organizations understand the vulnerabilities they thought they had covered. 
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