Facebook Hearings and Your Privacy

What can we learn?
With the Facebook trials behind us now, we at Asgard feel it is a high time to investigate to determine what can be take away from this massive breach of trust and inquisition.


For starters, most of the questions posed to Zuckerberg mainly circled around business practices, how he maintains a profit, and encryption. 
Several questions were even redundant and irrelevant to the situation about which he was testifying. Though the few questions about encryption got us to thinking….

Do You Know Who’s Sharing Your Data?

I though WhatsApp was secure?
There was an exchange between Zuckerberg and one of the Senators revolving around the Facebook owned Whatsapp messenger service. 
Whatsapp is a separate messaging app not connected to Facebook, it utilizes a privacy method called, “ephemeral messaging,” where messages are automatically deleted after a certain time frame. 
Most people who use the app do so for international dialing rate avoidance but many use it because they believe it to be a private form of communication.
Senators were asking if they were to message someone about a newly released video game on the WhatsApp service, if ads for that game would turn up on those persons Facebook feed. 
Zuckerberg was hard pressed to explain how the two platforms are separate. Zuck did leed on that Facebook utilizes internet browser cookies to deliver targeted ads, that could produce this result. 
The senators did not like that answer and have since compelled senate members to suggest executives from Twitter and Google appear before them as well to explain their policies.
These hearings revealed to the world that privacy is not as it may seem? 
At Asgard, we see first hand how the right use of technology directly improves patient response times and the continuity of care directly affects the success of your health care business and the lives of your patients.  

A robust communication platform like Asgard’s EverComm Secured by Gabriel should include:

   • A BAA (Business Associate Agreement).
   • Policies determined and set to allow communications only to pre-approved individuals or entities.
   • Data not stored or cached in third party data centers without a BAA in place.
   • The utmost in security for the platform itself.
   • Encryption for data in transit and data at rest.
   • Redundant scalable storage with the ability to meet state by state HIPAA data retention requirements.

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