Delete Your Facebook Account

The Growing Problem


The Cambridge Analytics scandal is a big problem, so big we have written a second article to keep our readers up to date. 


The latest development on this is that projected users affected is much higher than Facebook originally led on. 


What does this mean?


More Excuses!


Well in line with the company’s history of flimsy excuses for bad security practices, the social media giant offered condolences and apologies to users affected by the Cambridge Analytica leak.


Which means absolutely nothing; the company has promised to do more for the approximately 50 million users affected by the data leak.


But we’ve yet to see any real changes…


Know Who’s Sharing Your Data.




The bad news is that the total number is much higher than that. 


In the United States alone they are approximating about 87 million affected people now, significantly higher than originally thought.


Unfortunately, it doesn’t end there, approximately 2.7 million users were affected in the EU and over 1.2 million across the Indonesia region. 


Meaning that not only is the company trying to make it sound less drastic than it is, they are border line lying to us about how deep the afflicted users go. 


And after the recent congressional hearings it doesn’t appear that there is any direction for improving safeguards within the social media behemoth…



With all that said, it is a high time to be considering your own data security. Are your emails secure?


Have you thought about secure voice calling? 


What if someone was able to provide all of that to you in one package? 


Then they told you they can also provide secure file sharing in the same package? 


Too good to be true? 




Ask us about our EverComm, powered by Gabriel Secure Communications Suite, product and how its security is military grade, government tested, and usable by the public, and private for all. 


Get your business a secure domain today, and secure your world. 



A robust communication platform like Asgard’s EverComm Secured by Gabriel should include:


  •   A BAA (Business Associate Agreement).


  • Policies determined and set to allow communications only to pre-approved individuals or entities.


  • Data not stored or cached in third party data centers without a BAA in place.


  • The utmost in security for the platform itself.


  • Encryption for data in transit and data at rest.


  • Redundant scalable storage with the ability to meet state by state HIPAA data retention requirements.