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Improving Patient Outcomes through Technology
August 21st, 2018

We see care organizations using Apple’s iMessage to communicate ePHI frequently – this is not HIPAA compliant.

      Recently, a teen in Australia was arrested for hacking Apple and extracting about 90 GB of sensitive data off of their servers before being caught. 
A teenager in a foreign country with just two laptops, a mobile phone, and a hard drive… 
Now, imagine yourself sitting there with your iPhone and assuming that there is no way Apple can be hacked because they have great security and are a closed operating system…
They’re too big of a company to have any holes in their security, right?  
Think again … if this weren’t just a teenager with aspirations of working for Apple but instead a malicious hacker with resources behind them what kind of havoc would’ve been inflicted.
Read below to understand safeguards for secure communications and file storage for your care organization…
FACT:  There is a Ransomware attack every 40 seconds and health care is the most hacked industry in the world.
Now you can transmit ePHI files across a private double encrypted secure network and openly discuss patient information in text, email, voice, and file sharing in a BAA backed service managed by HIPAA experts. 
The benefits go way beyond chat and file sharing as this platform was developed for battle field secure communications.
Yes, EverComm connects the chasm between EHRs and care organizations.

A secure email and texting platform should include:

   +  Encryption from end to end.  
   +  VPN. 
   +  Secure Texting.
   +  Secure Voice Calls.
   +  Secure Email.
   +  Control of your data and where it is stored if it is stored.
   +  Ability to approve those in your network. to avoid spam and phishing.
   +  Secure file sharing and cloud storage.
   +  Secure Gateway connection to remote applications through your secure app.
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