Apple Admits Top App Steals Data!!

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September 12th, 2018
Are you a Health Care Organization using Mac?  1/2 of all business have had data stolen.  Learn what may have been stolen from your business and how to prevent it NOW!

Alert:  Top Selling App Stealing Data from Mac users
     Did you know that the top selling app in the Mac App Store was recently removed because it was found to be slowly stealing users browsing history and other sensitive data?
Adware Doctor is an app that costs $4.99 and has been stealing users’ data since it was released.  It has been labeled the top grossing app in the app store.
Apple finally removed it so that people would stop paying for THEIR data to be stolen, which begs the question, why wasn’t it removed when it was first found out that the app was a data thief?
We can only speculate but given the value your personal data holds to marketers, money is most likely the culprit.
Do you have a Mac and if so are you using Adware Doctor to “protect yourself from malware and adware?” If so, you might want to get rid of this app ASAP and look into more secure ways to protect yourself. People have been reporting issues with this app since 2016, but nothing has been done until now.  Apple has stated that with the Mojave update release that this security flaw will be patched.
Why trust that they’ll do the right thing now?  Learn more about how to protect your business and data…
Adware Doctor ironically steals the data you pay it to protect from others.
FACT:  Health care is the most hacked industry in the world.
Now you can avoid AdWare and openly discuss patient information in text, email, & voice all covered by a BAA backed service managed by HIPAA experts. 
What should a secure email and texting platform include?
   +  Encryption from end to end.  
   +  VPN. 
   +  Secure Texting.
   +  Secure Voice Calls.
   +  Secure Email.
   +  Control of your data and where it is stored if it is stored.
   +  Ability to approve those in your network. to avoid spam and phishing.
   +  Secure file sharing and cloud storage.
   +  Secure Gateway connection to remote applications through your secure app.
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