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August 9th, 2018
ALERT!! Some of our subscribers are using OpenEMR. 

Out late last night are critical patches for recent vulnerability discoveries.

If you use OpenEMR download the patches now.
In light of the security flaws mentioned above we decided to update our members on Promoting Interoperability (formely known as Meaningful Use).
Promoting Interoperability is a term that gets thrown around quite a bit when talking about hospitals, practices, and health insurance companies. 
The original concept was to achieve unified patient information sharing across practices. That idea gave birth to the HITECH addendum to HIPAA back in 2009. Today, Promoting Interoperability just means that you are doing what you can to help keep patient information safe and secure.
The primary way that organizations hit Promoting Interoperability is by using an electronic health record, or EHR. Roughly 95% of all large hospitals have switched over from paper records to electronic to achieve this, while only 72% of smaller practices and clinics use an EHR.  
But there is still more that needs to be done…
Incorporated into Promoting Interoperability is patient privacy and data sharing, or simply sharing ePHI. 
How do you share ePHI between referring physicians and ACO’s?
How to promote interoperability within your care organization…
To aid in the distribution of approved ePHI we at Asgard have already deployed a secure file sharing platform that is in use for this exact purpose. 
Now you can not only transmit ePHI files across a encrypted secure network but you can openly discuss patient information in text, email, and file sharing due to its dual encryption method while all data remains encrypted at rest. 
Yes, EverComm connects the chasm between EHRs.
We recommend EverComm to completely eliminate phishing and hackers from reaching your inbox.

A secure email and texting platform should include:

   +  Encryption from end to end.  
   +  VPN. 
   +  Secure Texting.
   +  Secure Voice Calls.
   +  Secure Email.
   +  Control of your data and where it is stored if it is stored.
   +  Ability to approve those in your network. to avoid spam and phishing.
   +  Secure file sharing and cloud storage.
   +  Secure Gateway connection to remote applications through your secure app.
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