Improving Patient Outcomes Across The Care Continuum.


Health care is the most targeted and breached sector in the world.  Over 90% of those breaches are caused by user error.  Clever email phishing attacks lure health care workers into opening up the gateway to their organizations network and valuable Protected Health Information (PHI).


To ensure continuity of patient care and seamless HIPAA compliant security, redundancy, and communications we created EverShield.


Protected Health Information breaches and system failures are not the kind of problems most covered entities are prepared to treat.  And rightly so, your specialty is entirely different.  It’s imperative that you spend your time making sure your patients are well cared for – not worrying about technical issues.


Evershield, is an IT solution that integrates 4 unique security and data management technologies into one system along with policies written to enable compliance with stringent HIPAA regulations.  The result is the minimization of system down-time, HIPAA compliance for covered entities and ultimately an increase in productivity and improved patient care.


Evershield takes care of your IT security so you can focus on what is most important, the health of your patients lives.