5% of IT Managers Prepared for Orangeworm Cyberattacks

Improving Patient Outcomes through Technology
May 5th, 2018
Orangeworm Cyberattack Hits Healthcare Entities 
     Did you know that only 5% of health care IT professionals take any steps to protect their valuable IoT machines?
     Orangeworm, is what’s known as a Kwampirs, this is a malicious attack that sits on a system and creates backdoors through open network shares and spreads to other devices quickly.
     Orangeworm is utilized by malicious attackers to target unprotected Healthcare equipment like MRI machines, CT scans and other devices that have no real protection.  The vast majority of which have no built in security and also connect to other devices over open network shares.
Computer operating systems have inherent protections for this attack but IoT devices like the MRI, CT, and more operate on older and less sophisticated versions that do not usually have these protections available.

This is why they are targeted, because they also connect to open shares on the network and then spread into other connected devices creating backdoors throughout the network. 

Protect yourself from these attacks by updating the operating system of the machines to more robust versions with inherent protections built in (although this could be costly). 
Another way to protect yourself is to ensure that all network shares are protected so that the worm can’t get in to infect the devices in the first place.
At Asgard, we see first hand how the right use of technology directly improves patient response times and how it improves continuity of care affecting the success of your health care business and the lives of your patients.  

A robust security platform like EverComm Secured by Gabriel should include:

   • The ability to secure IoT machines on a private network.
   •A BAA (Business Associate Agreement).
   • Multiple communications modalities within the app to avoid user errors.
   • Data not stored or cached in third party data centers without a BAA in place.
   • Encryption for data in transit and data at rest.
   • Ability to meet state by state HIPAA data retention requirements.
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