What does the Marriott Recent Data Breach Mean in the Big Picture of Hacks?

Is Marriott a big name we think of when we think hotels?  Well we now know that there are at least 500 Million guests names within their data bases…

Would it shock you to find out that they are also vulnerable to security breaches? Its not just healthcare who needs to worry about the theft of data, any one that stores client information is vulnerable.

Sony’s Playstation Network, the backbone for the Playstation online community, was breached and 77 million accounts were broken into and credit card information stolen. That was one of the largest breaches of security of all time, however Marriott crushed that record (undesired) with their most recent breach that has affected up to 500 million guests!


Essentially, some hackers broke into the system that housed the registration and reservations and skimmed personal guest information from there. Although the breaches go as far back as 2014, this month is when they publicly announced the hack. That’s four years of unauthorized access, with client information, names, date of birth, credit cards, anything guests input to fields when reserving a hotel room. The impact of this is real as Marriott’s stock has is down 10% since the news broke. Only time will tell how much more damage will be done to both its reputation, share price, and their guests digital lives.

How do you prevent an ongoing breach? Simple. Secure everything. Put policies into place to change passwords at regular intervals, ensure the network is secure by utilizing secure cloud gateways when possible, permission only those users who require access to specific systems, no one else should have access without an admin granting that access.

At Asgard we believe in a secure world where information is only viewed by those who need to see it. Our Secure Ecosystem ensures all users are operating securely within permissioned private networks and user’s data is safely contained within the Secure Domain Name provisioned for that data.  Solutions are here right now that would’ve protected Marriott from this horrific mismanagement of their guests personal assets.